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Image Source: Best Buy. BJ's via Best Black Friday. Costco via Best Black Friday. Groupon via Black Friday.

Best Buy Black Friday 2018

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Best Buy Black Friday Ad Analysis: The ONLY Deal on an Apple HomePod

One of the biggest factors in Black Friday's declining significance is the rise of online shopping. With so many deals available online, customers no longer have to wait out in long lines for stores to open.

The rise of online shopping has allowed Black Friday to begin earlier. Online shopping on Thanksgiving surged this year , according to Adobe. Read more: Black Friday deals sold out before Friday even began. Save that for next week. Thursday night to avoid crowds.

Black Friday 2018: Best Buy's ad is a must-see for electronics gifts

Believe it or not, the crowd at Best Buy thins out around 9 p. I was there last year, and I was amazed how the line almost disappeared.

You may not have to go out at all Thursday night. Check to see if the items you want are available online. At Walmart, many of the in-store deals store will be for sale on Walmart. Why wait in line an hour for an Xbox One bundle, when you can buy it on your couch for the same price? With Apple products, the key is rebates. Stores are not allowed to mark down new iPhones. The Apple store typically does NOT have these discounts, and can cost you more this week. Kohl's has some of the best rebates, in the form of Kohl's Cash.

Best Buy, Target & Walmart Black Friday promo items only in-store

Their XBox One deal, for instance, may look the same as other stores, but when you add in extra Kohl's Cash it may be a much better deal on Black Friday. It is often impossible to look up reviews of Black Friday doorbuster TVs, because that model was never offered before, according to Consumer Reports.

The pressure cooker will be on sale everywhere all month.